Local nurseries meet Minister with their concerns regarding 30hrs ‘Free’ Child Care Promise

3rd November

2016 Local day care nursery managers and Ruth Cadbury MP welcomed Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Early Years and Childcare to Isleworth on Thursday. They explained their concerns regarding the Government’s plan to double the hours of free childcare for parents.

Independent nurseries locally are already under significant financial strain, with some generating substantial annual losses. The current funding from the Government has led to chronic underfunding and childcare providers are just able to remain financially viable. The Government’s commitment to increase the ‘free’ childcare hours will make these businesses completely unsustainable. According to nursery managers the current funding is already inadequate.

Ruth said, “We have so many good quality nurseries locally, however, the nursery owners are telling me they are already struggling to remain financially viable. The Government’s promise of free childcare could make these businesses unsustainable, affect the quality of the services they provide and even mean that some of them will have to close their doors.

“With many parents wanting to work and insure their children are well looked after, it is really important that we look after our nurseries. The Government wants these settings to provide good education and care but so do we all.”

Early Years Professional and owner of local nursery harlotte de Lacey said, “We were delighted to meet with Caroline Dinenage today and have the opportunity to put forward our views on the future of our sector, which is currently under threat. The minister listened and recognised the difficulties we face. We look forward to working with her in the future.”


There were representatives from 4 nurseries.

Ms Charlotte de Lacey, The de Lacey Montessori School, Isleworth.

Ms Katya Ozols, Cybertots nurseries, Brentford

Ms Mona Mirza, Early Years Professional, The Learning Tree, Isleworth

Ms Jo Short, Ladybird Lane Nursery, Isleworth


Pictured, left to right:

Charlotte De Lacey, Jo Short, Ruth Cadbury MP, Caroline Dinenage MP, Katya Ozols, Mona Mirza