My statement regarding the Green Party's decision not to field a candidate in Brentford and Isleworth.

I welcome the decision by Hounslow Green Party not to stand a candidate in the general election and to help support me in taking the fight to the Tories.

In the seven years of the Conservative Government we have witnessed the reversal of so many social and environmental policies that were implemented by the Labour Government. It is vital that we now work across party lines to oppose Theresa May’s ‘Brexit at any cost’ strategy, which could lead to the destruction of essential and hugely effective EU environmental regulations.

Like many in all the main national parties, I would not have previously supported the withdrawal of candidates, but this election is different. I won in 2015 with a majority of 465, if the opposition to the Tories is fractured, there is a real risk they will win back seats like Brentford & Isleworth on June 8th.

I voted against triggering Article 50 for the sake of our national and local economy, for our rights at work and as consumers, for our environment, for the sake of EU citizens living and working here. And because so many constituents asked me to.

“The Greens and I have much in common, we share aims to safeguard and improve our environment. I will continue to campaign to improve our air quality and for a better not bigger Heathrow. It is vital that EU regulations which protect the environment are retained and I will do everything I can to make sure that happens.