Royal Mail is currently proposing to relocate Chiswick Delivery Office services to Acton Delivery Office on Bollo Lane.

I oppose this relocation as I believe it does not have the interests of the local people at heart. As such I have written to Royal Mail to raise the concern of my constituents and find out more about the proposed service changes.

The Tories have overseen a strategy of managed decline of the Post Office network and their abysmal decision to privatize the Royal Mail, the effects of which are being felt harshly today, such as local branch closures.

I opposed the privatisation of Royal Mail, which began under the Coalition Government, and I believe it should not have been sold on the timetable or at the price that was set. Royal Mail is a much cherished national institution and the Coalition Government were repeatedly warned that their privatisation would not represent good value for taxpayers' money. Royal Mail was an efficient publicly owned service that delivered an efficient and profitable business model.

Now, Royal Mail is a private business undergoing internal restructuring resulting in the cutting back of services such as the Chiswick delivery office. The Royal Mail will be left not best fit to serve the local residents in Chiswick as a result of these proposals. Additionally, the cut back in services will result in more journeys to Acton with increased traffic congesting our roads.

I believe the response I have received from Royal Mail does not address my constituents concerns and does not fully explain their reasoning for the proposals. The response fails to address the prospect of increased delivery van journeys to and from Acton with increased traffic congestion and pollution on our roads, among other raised issues. I have written to the Royal Mail's CEO to address the full adverse impacts these proposals will have on the local area and get a comprehensive answer.

If you also oppose these proposals I urge you to sign the petition which has already gained hundreds of signatures to stop the Delivery Services being moved from Chiswick office to Acton. Please find the petition here: