Ruth Cadbury condemns the Government's Air Quality plan

Brentford & Isleworth MP Ruth Cadbury condemned the Government's Air Quality plan released this week for being wholly inadequate to deal with the scale of air pollution locally. "Living between central London and Heathrow, our roads are massively congested making area is one of the most polluted parts of the UK, and this plan does nothing to address the problem now, particularly as there is no mention of Heathrow's expansion plans." She added " I had expected the Government to take serious steps to address air pollution. They've had two failed plans, and this one is no better. Ending the manufacture of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 23 years' time shows the Government's lack of urgency on what has become a health emergency."

Labour would deliver a national diesel scrappage scheme and a clean air act that would ensure all polluted cities were required to have legally binding clean air zones because air pollution leads to 40,000 premature deaths and many children suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties.