Ruth Cadbury hosts event to raise awareness of cycling risks from “close passing” by drivers

Ruth Cadbury hosted the launch of London Cycling Campaign ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’, as survey shows fear of “close passing” leads cyclists to change routes and feel intimidated on roads, in Parliament.

• 23% of cyclists asked by LCC said “close passing” happens every time they cycle

• A third of cyclists questioned online said they have changed their routes to avoid it

• Campaign will be launched at the Houses of Parliament this morning

• Map has been created for cyclists to log incidents to build a full picture of the problem

• Triathletes the Brownlee Brothers appear in social media video to raise awareness

• Campaign comes after Government promised a crackdown with more support for police

Ruth Cadbury said: “The dangers to cyclists have become a regular occurrence, which is why we urgently need this stay wider campaign to raise awareness among millions of drivers just how dangerous close passing is.”

Two thirds of cyclists regularly face road risks due to “close passing” by drivers. Transport Minister Jesse Norman vowed on Friday to crackdown on the menace by giving police support to tackle it, alongside a training pilot for driving instructors.

Stay Wider of the Rider will see a social media campaign to educate cyclists and drivers about the distance that should be left when motor vehicles overtake cyclists fronted by a video featuring triathletes the Brownlee Brothers.

Ruth Cadbury’s constituent Jeremy vine spoke at the event about his struggle cycling with his daughter in London, and also his altercation with a driver last year who was later jailed for 9 months.