Ruth Cadbury MP calls on Government to give schools a clear plan for year ahead.

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Ruth Cadbury MP has called for the Government and Education Ministers to take urgent and proactive action to ensure that school students have a ‘fighting chance’ for the year ahead.

Speaking during Education Questions Ruth cited comments made by local headteachers and compared the lack of action by the UK Government with that of the Republic of Ireland who provided guidance earlier in August for exams taking place in 2021.

Speaking in full after her question Ruth said,

‘‘I know how tough the last few months have been for students, school staff and parents across our constituency.

Local headteachers have told me that the pressures they’ve faced have been made even worse by the lack of leadership and planning from this Government.

That’s why I called on the Government to give schools and teachers a clear plan for the year ahead, especially for the exams in 2021. Pupils deserve to have a fighting chance.’’