Ruth Cadbury MP speaks up for leaseholders in debate on cladding

In a speech in Parliament Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to urgently address a number of issues facing leaseholders in residential buildings with dangerous cladding still attached. Ruth raised a number of local cases in her speech, and warned that many people were unable to sell their homes because of the cladding whilst calling on the Government to provide support for them.

Speaking in a Westminster Hall Debate lead by Hilary Benn MP, Ruth spoke about one local resident who is unable to sell their home due to the dangerous cladding attached whilst also raising the ongoing problems at the Paragon block in Brentford; where scaffolding has been in place for over a year to remove cladding.

Speaking after the debate Ruth said,

''I know from listening to local residents just how worried people are about this dangerous and unsafe cladding remaining on building. There is a real worry and fear that another fire could break out- like the one we saw in Bolton last year.

That's why I made sure to speak in this extremely important debate about cladding, and the impact it's having on leaseholders.

Government Ministers have previously said that the building owners and developers, not the leaseholders, are responsible for fixing this cladding. However the response from the then Housing Minister Ester McVey at the debate yesterday showed that the Government have simply not woken up to the scale of this crisis.

The Government need to be acting urgently to protect and support leaseholders.

I will keep raising this matter in Parliament and campaigning for leaseholders and residents.''