Ruth Cadbury MP urges Prime Minister to put the planet first and tackle climate crisis

Ruth Cadbury MP has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and urged him to 'put the planet first' by using the full weight of the Government to tackle climate change. Ruth's letter called on the Prime Minister to take a number of steps such as scrapping the third runway at Heathrow, and investing in green and renewable energy projects.

Speaking afterwards Ruth said,

''Climate Change is the biggest challenge facing our country- that's why I'm urging Boris Johnson to use the full weight of the Government to tackle the climate crisis. If the Government invested in renewable energy and green transport, we'd take a huge step forward to lowering our emissions.

We're already seeing the consequences of the climate crisis; whether it's floods in Bangladesh, or extreme weather across Europe. If we want to keep temperatures rises below 2 degrees, then we need to act now.

I know that so many of my constituents both young and old want to see the Government do so much more. I will keep working in Parliament to push the Government, and Boris Johnson to get serious about tackling climate change.''