Ruth calls for action after 20% GDP fall

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to 'step up' and 'take urgent action' after figures released on Friday showed a 20% fall in GDP in April, following on from a 5% fall in March 2020.

Speaking in full after these figures were released Ruth said,

''These figures out this morning aren't just dry numbers; they represent people losing their jobs, their income, their opportunities and their aspirations.

So many businesses are in desperate need of support; whether that's at Heathrow, the creative sector or our pubs, hotels and restaurants.

The particularly huge hit here is the dramatic cut in aviation; perhaps up to 1 in 3 households in Hounslow are dependent on Heathrow and its wider supply chain for their income.

I'm also extremely worried that many people still can't access the Governments existing support programs; whether that's those who are self-employed through limited companies or those who weren't placed on the furlough scheme. And what should be the fall-back safety net for all, Universal Credit, is not fit for purpose and doesn't account for mortgages or the high rent levels here in West London.

The Government need to step up and provide support for people here in West London, and improve basic welfare support for the many people now living in poverty. I called on the Government to take urgent action last week in the House of Commons but we've sadly yet to see any clear sign of this.''