Ruth challenges Prime Minister

Today, Ruth questioned the Prime Minister, just hours after a court ruling that Government plans to tackle air pollution are "unlawful". Ruth said: “On Monday Children and parents at St Mary’s catholic school in Chiswick told me of their concerns about air pollution affecting children’s health, this morning the High Court ruled that the Government has comprehensively failed to properly tackle air pollution; which does the Prime Minister feel is worse, the Government losing in the High Court for a third time or the 40,000 early deaths that result from air pollution every year in the UK?”

On Monday Ruth visited one of the borough’s most polluted schools St Marys Catholic Primary School, Chiswick, to listen to concerns the head teacher, governors and children had about air pollution from the A4 affecting the pupil’s health, and their ideas to address the problem.

Ruth spoke to governors, teachers and parents about the action they are exploring such as a green wall along the A4, and air purifiers in classrooms, but what’s really needed is Government action not failure.

The charity, Client Earth, successfully won in court with a ruling that current plans to improve air quality are "unlawful" because they do not bring nitrogen dioxide levels within legal limits in the "shortest possible time". This is the third time Client Earth have won rulings against ministers over failures to meet legal limits for the pollutant.