Ruth raises concerns over changes in terms and condition for BA staff

Ruth with an airplane above

This wednesday Ruth Cadbury MP questioned trade union leaders from both UNITE and the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) about the impact that both job cuts and changes to terms and conditions for British Airways staff would have on the airline industry and passenger services.

In a question to Brian Strutton from BALPA Ruth asked about the impact that changes to terms and conditions for cabin crew staff would have on pilots. In response Brian said these changes would be 'very concerning' from the point of view of pilots who are reliant on cabin crew.

This questioning was part of the wider enquiry being carried out by the Transport Select Committee into the aviation industry and the impact of covid-19.

Speaking after the committee session Ruth said,

''I know how worried BA staff are about these deep cuts to their pay, and these sweeping changes to their terms and conditions. With many staff having worked loyally for BA for many years and even decades it's clear that they feel that BA are still not listening to them.

At the session Diana Holland rightly raised the impact that these redundancies are having on the mental health of BA staff. With many people facing anxiety and uncertainty from the outbreak of the coronavirus this opportunistic restructuring will only make things worse for thousands of BA staff.

It was extremely concerning that both in this session and in Transport Questions on Monday that the Government still haven't woken up to the scale of the crisis facing the aviation industry and the impact that this will have on jobs, especially in Hounslow.

We've heard lots from the Government about how they're looking at the issues facing the sector but it's clear that they need to act urgently.

The Government can and should provide support for our aviation industry with clear conditions around jobs, terms and conditions and environmental targets.''