St Mary's Primary School, Isleworth, proposal to shorten school week

In response to the proposal at St Mary's Primary School about shortening the school week, Ruth Cadbury MP said:

"To have to consider closing school on Friday lunchtime shows the impact Government budget decisions are having on schools and the lengths they are having to go to, to make ends meet. The head and Governors at St Marys Catholic Primary School, Isleworth, are consulting parents on a proposal to close the school at lunchtime on Fridays. This involves containing the same number of school hours in a shorter week, by saving the costs of cover for teachers' statutory non-contact time.

"Parents are understandably very concerned about the plan.

"This drastic option is being considered because funds the school receives from Government has not kept up with rising costs, and comes after five years of significant cutbacks at St Mary's including; loss of support staff, less music, reduced leadership capacity, fewer class materials and a charge to parents for basics such as pencils and glue.

"I have raised the concerns of Hounslow schools about the cuts with Government Ministers, and invited them to visit St Mary's. I am disappointed that to date, the invitation has been declined.

"I am confident that the Governors of St Mary's will listen to the comments made by parents and develop proposals that provide the best education. I plan to meet the head and Governors, and also parents of children attending St Mary's."