Violent and Knife Crime

After the tragic news of the fatal stabbing of Abdirashid Mohamoud in Isleworth on Friday, Ruth Cadbury MP has expressed her sadness and remorse for the victim, and his family, whilst pledging to work to bring the community together.

In a full statement Ruth said, ''I was extremely sad, and distressed to see the tragic news, that a young man had been killed locally. Every death on our streets is one too many, and I know that everyone is sending their thoughts to the victim's family, and friends. These attacks will leave a long lasting scar on the family, and it's vital that we come together as a community. I've had discussions with the police, and local councillors, and I'm currently working on setting up a public meeting for residents to discuss violent crime, and to begin a conversation about what we can do to tackle this epidemic. I will also be writing to the Home Secretary to ask for the Government to take urgent action, and bring forward a comprehensive, and national strategy to tackle the violent crime epidemic. Anyone with information about this stabbing should call 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. I realise that many young people can be reluctant to provide information but without it we cannot begin to stop these tragedies. Young People can also contact Fearless, who will take any information anonymously.

Ruth Cadbury's violent and knife crime survey can be accessed here

Image attribution: Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]